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us this morning. dial us up. >> and the snow. >> brenda: on wall street, the dow is set to close out one of its best months ever, but a very different picture on main street as more companies plan to wipe out jobs. it's the reason the president says he's whipping out the executive order. five this week, more set to come next week. the latest one, a website for businesses to access information about federal programs. is that going to bring jobs back? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith, jonas max ferris along with penn financial group matt mccall and former advisor to dick gephardt, steve murphy. welcome to everybody. will these executive orders, the white house is whipping out. whip up the jobs? max? >> well, we've had since obama's become president, 20 plans passed aimed at getting economic activity moving here in our country and so far those not happened. so i do not think having five more this week and start ago website for businesses is something has me hiring people and anybody
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on there. >> dave: we will be back on the after the show show, check us out, "fox & friends".com. we'll see you back tomorrow morning. 6 a.m. >> dave: in pajamas? >> so, what's the difference between these guys and these guys? would you be surprised if i said not much? yes, well, anti-wall street protesters demand more handouts for themselves. wall street investors rallying on reports of more government bailouts and it's not the first time we've seen stocks soar when lawmakers intervene. what's going on here? could wall street itself be doing more damage to the free markets than the anti-freeway market protesters? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. here they are, bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris and the economic policy for welcome to everybody. toby, wall street itself is more anti-capitalism than the occupy wall street protesters? >> well, of course it is. the business model of wall street has grown into a bailout. it's grown into, they call it the green, if things got bad the fed or the government was goi
guys aren't talking about right now, it's the amount of money that this u.s. government has to borrow, just to pay these, pay these salaries for the federal workers. right now borrows 40 cents on the dollar to pay inflated salary costs, jonas and that actually is only 20% just three years ago and it keeps going up because of salaries. >> how is that the fault of the stable labor force we've had in the federal government for 20 years now? >> let's look at that-- >> the federal employment hasn't gone up. but you just raised more than-- >> god bless you, but here is one issue. private jobs actually create wealth and public companies suck money out of the economy are low efficient. >> those are true points. >> we are talking about getting the economy back and getting jobs and prosperity comes from private sector jobs and does not come from transferring money from the efficient part of wealth. >> you should be happier because they're cutting government jobs and you guys act like they're adding the savings-- >> what we're debating why we should do 40 billion to hire people we can't afford t
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one of us and the job creating machines. i took a look at top 50 companies, they're like wal-mart, safeway, target, general motors, disney, i mean, are these really evil companies? and even, brenda, if you say that they're really talking about the banks, you look at some of the banks and they're wells fargo, citi, jp morgan chase, these banks alone employ a million people. there's always this notion, there's all of these corporate fat cats, i can guarantee you at citibank, most of the people that work there, 2, 300,000 are tellers, they're security guards, they're back office people. and finally, brenda, when they denigrate corporate, this evil corporate america, let's remember that the vast majority of people out there with 401(k) and pension plans are invested in the at & t's of the world, the verizons, doing this not only hurts job creation, it hurts everyone's pocket book. >> toby, they also were targeting small businesses, they went right to the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> yeah. >> well, really, they should have resume's in their hands. if this is about getting employme
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8